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SAM_0076.JPGThrifting is an art form. One that combines the patient strokes of sandals along aisles and the hum of florescent lights. One of clutter and chaos and perfectly faded fringe and floral. One of tugging on knits, spotting stains, and sinking into personal style.

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Thrifty Treasure

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Racks upon racks of discarded clothing, and all I can think is YIPPEE! Let the thrift shopping treasure hunt begin.

Here are some tips:

  • Always have a vauge idea of what you’re looking for. You don’t want to waste time wanderig around with no goal in mind.
  • Set a spending limit, this way you don’t end up going over board. Sometimes I forget that the cheap prices add up.
  •  I usually have the best luck rummaging the backs of shops and start there.
  • Take your time and browse the whole store. I once found a t-shirt in the men’s section that is now a personal favorite.
  • As an experienced thrifter, I have learned not to rule out anything. If it catches your eye, try it on! It might just become an essential to your wardrobe.

I celebrated my successful finds with an impromptu photoshoot and video, courtesy of my trusty tripod. (In case you where wondering…I’m munching on youget-covered raisins and organic grape soda!)

Green Top || (Ann Taylor) Goodwill

Skirt || (Charlotte Russe) New 2 You Consignment

Sandals ||(No Boundaries) Wal-mart

Purple Top || (American Rag) Macy’s

Jeans || (Golden Star) Goodwill


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