Shop Girl

There is a slight edge to my smile when someone compliments me on an outfit, especially because over the past two years I’ve developed an entirely thrifted wardrobe.

My roommate and I are cleansing our closets in hopes of sharing the love of unique and vintage finds with you! As well as compressing our wardrobes to fit into suitcases.

Our lives are in these clothes. From hiking and writing poems. From performing and appearing in BuzzFeed videos . . . That’s the cool thing about buying second-hand. The stories. And now you get the opportunity to write the next chapter.

Which is why, with each purchase, we plan to include a handwritten note about some of the fun experiences and places we wore these clothes.

The Depop Shop is heating up! So be such to check it out and snag the items you love.

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*All funding is going towards the upcoming summer 2017, “The Naked Heart Tour.” I have been away from blogging for a minute. The past two weeks have been fully devoted to contacting venues, researching fees, and creating promotional materials to make this project a reality! As lead cinematographer, I will not only be supporting two of my college friends, but have the opportunity to film the entire journey which will later be submitted to film festivals. Be sure to check back on the blog for more insight into this tour and the behind the scenes prep.


Mute Style

thrifted vocabulary

little big mistakes.00_00_26_09.Still036little big mistakes.00_00_35_08.Still034little big mistakes.00_00_30_00.Still035little big mistakes.00_00_43_28.Still033 copy.jpg

thirty minutes too long in the dressing room. regarding the crack running from the ceiling. sidestepping the sun spit. lizards losing skin. the lipstick vandalism. kissing the napkin from the piece-of-cake shaped dressing room. an image pointed through the sky. glimpsing beauty. the definition of shell buttons on a cotton dress and the resemblance of the confident girl wearing them. try on the puff of frosting and lick the floor clean. pull the fork from my iris. and continue eating. an excerpt from the dressing room diaries.


mute style

13. bronze and beat

this was a mistake. my heart is like a squished stress ball. it’s not the cracks in a piñata ready for fun. more like the loops of a crochet shall filtering in the oceanic cold. i dipped my hair in fire expecting it to keep myself warm. as i glimpse the wind winged seagulls, i realize that i drift often to thought patterns with you arrowed in the forefront. mush that became liquified. and evaporated into the blueness of the sky. maybe i am the opposite of clever. maybe i am roasted air that rises. maybe i want somebody. maybe i still want that somebody to be you. whatever. does any of this matter? when families are torn apart and little girls aren’t eating. the world is suffering more than the flames of my head reading a collection of romantics.


mute style

01. new year. same me.


hello 2017,

your mailbox must by full. don’t worry. this is not a new year’s resolution. a statement of what i hope to improve upon. an amount or measurement of time, money, or weight. this is just me. the same me, ready for hikes of self exploration. additional decisions. imaginative growth. and much more content. (i hope to have daily videos this week!) just me. swaying to some 45 degree breeze and that famous tourist gaze. all witnessing a girl posing in public flower beds. also sneezing after twenty minutes in a park and suddenly wondering if maybe possibly she is allergic to said plants. *false alarm* just me. sitting in the leaves with this vintage jumpsuit and loafers from the frequented goodwill. not much has changed. and to the calendar replaced with an updated arrangement of numbers… it’s nice to meet you.


mute style

Whatever Leaves

next. i nodded towards the maps at the ticket booth and asked, “what train leaves next?” he seemed amused. “i just want to get away for the day,” i added. he shook his head with a grin and said the san bernardino line. impromptu getaway to suburban los angeles. i bought my fare and made my way to the platform. i befriended a dog while waiting and explained my journey to the owner. “i didn’t know people your age do that,” she said. “so where are you planning on going?” i glanced at the map with a shrug. Continue reading