Inspiration Intellect

What is inspiration and more importantly how do you capture it? For me, inspiration is hidden in the dandelion side-walk and the hum of cicadas. It is caught in the melody and shared in a snapshot. Ah, inspiration. It is in an activist art project such as Molly Gochman’s #redsandproject. It is in Kamala Markandaya’s sweet words required for class. Empathy. Understanding. Swapping traditional recipes with your international friends. Helping others with their assignments. Going outside to appreciate the beautiful migrating flocks stream through the sky and the tickle of grass blades. Freeing yourself from expectation. Sharing ideas and letting your mind wander. Inspiration is there waiting; be brave and grasp it.


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What inspires you lately? Comment and share below!

Angst Amoung Us


Blame it on the summer heat, but lately my outfits have been skillet sizzling. As soon as I throw on these boots and Florence’s new album, I’m stoked to leave campus for my daily walk. Today instead of following the trails, (I have awoken that adventurer spirit) I wandered the weeds and flowers beds. I finally see that yes, it’s great to want to go and see new places, but it’s far better to appreciate where you are at the moment!

Crop Top || Forever 21

Cardigan || Forever 21

Shorts || Sheinside

Boots || Guess

Rose Bud Headphones || Forever 21


Mute Style