Wake Up


I cannot bite my tongue to the importance of body image and self acceptance. I remember so vividly the insults that were spewed in middle school hallways and gym locker rooms. I was lanky and odd and out of place. To my dismay others wouldn’t let me forget. Continue reading

Amused. A Muse.


feeling like a crumb cake. velutinous limbs like sugar intimate to spoiling. those bits that even mouse whiskers hover and hesitate. a flustered frenzy of sandy toes across floorboards. settle in the ridges of maple. waves of soapy hiccups. buttered sweet corn in my smile. glaciate my head with numbing fireflies. suffuse their rippling wings to my skull. stolen dopamine. a set of silken balloons subsist somewhere within central whirl.  Continue reading

Swimsuit Season

Despite efforts to thwart body image issues, they continue to flurry. As you wander though any checkout line the magazine headlines are still hammering this idea of the “Perfect Beach Body.” They claim ways to slim away those extra pounds and wrap viewers with an unsettling feeling; one of needing to alter oneself to fit society, fit the trend, fit into that bikini. Instead of admiring celebrities and idols for their accomplishments, personality, and compassion, we as a society have placed physical beauty as an attribute to replicate. It’s great to have role models but when the sole reason you look up to someone is because they have luscious lips or thin hips, it’s a step too far. Girls and women whittle away instead of growing in self-love and acceptance. It’s so frustrating! Continue reading