Inspiration Intellect

What is inspiration and more importantly how do you capture it? For me, inspiration is hidden in the dandelion side-walk and the hum of cicadas. It is caught in the melody and shared in a snapshot. Ah, inspiration. It is in an activist art project such as Molly Gochman’s #redsandproject. It is in Kamala Markandaya’s sweet words required for class. Empathy. Understanding. Swapping traditional recipes with your international friends. Helping others with their assignments. Going outside to appreciate the beautiful migrating flocks stream through the sky and the tickle of grass blades. Freeing yourself from expectation. Sharing ideas and letting your mind wander. Inspiration is there waiting; be brave and grasp it.


Mute Style


What inspires you lately? Comment and share below!

Get Lost: A Realization


Our society is manufacturing unhappy people. As a soon to be college graduate I’m in a state of panic brought on by the social expectations of securing a repetitive job. I’m supposed to settle. Climbing the next rung on this ladder to (supposed) success. Sad.

Did you know that depression is reported to be effecting more people than ever before? People waste away via this online game of likes. This life of dissatisfaction. We are taught that we must strive for recognition. “Look at me, aren’t I cool?!?” We have to be wealthy and buy the latest products to enhance our imperfections. We are never enough.

It’s time to unsubscribe from this thought process. Unplug. Find contentment beyond your tattered jeans or drawn on eyebrows. Get lost in a world of self-love.

I will not stifle my creativity, my urge to steep my life with stories and snapshots. Expressing myself through clothing that speaks to me instead of the trends that speak to other bloggers, magazines, and celebrities. Listen and trust myself. I will not be stressed looking for a job to fill society’s expectation. With my blog redesign, I’m ready to explore my thoughts and stop fretting about nonsense. Maybe my head is in the clouds. Maybe just maybe, that’s where it should be.



Mute Style

Prairie Prints


I brought some tiny flamingos to the prairie today in celebration of the wonderful weather. This outfit was inspired by the fun and sun that is hopefully here to stay.

I could spend all day here wandering the paths and creating my own (which is often too tempting because it is right on campus.) The peaceful chirp of birds overhead and whisps of prairie grass remind me of the beauty that surrounds me daily. However busy my day has been, taking time to appriciate the simplicity is always worthwhile.