To You

to you,

three months a swooping return. three months of winging shadowed thoughts. three months of over washing my softness. this is psychology of a bird nest. the grasses of fiction entwined with yearning. rest. this tender spot. the hue of nervousness. the bitter remembrance of empty places that exist. the pockets of interchangeable thighs. i am amongst those you called beautiful tonight. this distastefully sick pursuit of mutual feelings. three months the ache of assuming.

to you,

charted around my shivering completion are five chestnut birthmarks. the sore geography. the spaces your hands have once been. the mountains and valleys of my body painted for a journey. please come stay. fly with me, instead of away. some ink and postage. my religion of hope. a letter to inform you of my wispy telescope. you are worth so much more than a 49 cent forever stamp. the easiness of this emphasis. you are marked in my sky. and if i turn myself inside out with my words. maybe. never mind.

the girl from three months ago. good and bye.


mute style

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