Surf Report

swell. the homograph stirs in my smile and splashes the morning boards. swell. hair in my glasses somewhere between santa monica and venice. the carefree. the calm. rippled in a silver threads windbreaker. the bounce in my stride. stepping happiness with clouded sunshine. fidgeting with my 12x camera while twirling a “you look lovely” marigold. swollen. this kind of Saturday can fill you with pretty pictures and words like “rad” falling out of your naked mouth. the salty spin. the printed hellos from strangers on boardwalks and piers. even the pelicans sing their greetings. the dewy hand holding couples. the dripping hair shaken before dropping in on another wave. the wise delayed in the drink awaiting the ocean’s movement. the mango seller. the bicycles and running shoes. the row of umbrellas. the seagull babies trailing laughter. the variety of the sky and the mass of chromaticity. my eyes skim the horizon. my lungs lift. swollen swell. my november 19, 2016 surf report.


mute style

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