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shh, i think my heart is finally resting. slumbering with all of the lost pennies, the crisp toast crusts, the highlighted book quotes shut away on library shelves. i am here. the surroundings are an unexpected fluttering. a gush of lip biting and facial fantasizing. somewhere snuggled into peaceful fading.



shh, let me dream. tennis net fingers with mine. where the wind shifts the fabric around my chest after grazing on a thought of a boy that will stare and wonder. armed with the superpowers of whisper and sizzle. i hope to travel here more often.



ohh, fall in. hold and catch this moment with him in the cloud cluttered heavens. blurry eyed haze in a bed frame by frame. breathing in seagull skies and the moments between the crash of rippled night. my air intake heavy. i memorize the lines of a new song he taught. i am as blue as the boy beside me. beachy blue.


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