Bluish Lips

DSC_0511.jpgHappiness is right there. You simply have to have the courage dear heart. Sitting along the Santa Monica coastline with my ukulele and camera is honestly one of the best ways to start the weekend.  Life has been crashing in waves lately; my thoughts nodding like a distant buoy. I’ve stopped counting my steps and instead started measuring in shades of California blue skies. DSC_0417.jpgDSC_0304.jpgI had a paint swatch from a home goods store sticky tacked to my wall all last year in a hue called “California Sky”and know I witness that sweeping color calming my worries every time I step outside. My favorite shade now playing the lead background role in snapshots and outings. The shade of the waves, the shade of the cloudless color between buildings and palm fronds, the shade of a thrifted tank top that I wore to meet some lovely faces. A blue that has my mind transfixed on positive dreams and falling in love and creating moments. All distilled in bluish lips and powder blue notebook ink bookmarking my early twenties.


Mute Style

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