Merch Girl

I have spent my week stiching together DIY merchandise for my musically gifted friend Enny Owl. From designing to needle work, the process to utilize fashion for support has been such a fun task. It’s crazy to look back on all of the memories that have lead us to Los Angeles together. Creative photoshoots and song sessions flash by alongside open mics and studio recordings. It’s truly insane how life works out. One minute there’s a person waiting in line beside me at uni and the next thing you know we are sharing Oreos in a studio apartment beside the California coast. Determined friends help encourage you to pursue your own dreams.

Ask yourself what you really want out of this life? Be honest. Write a list (like Enny suggests) or follow your intuition. Those talents, those sparkly interests. Tap into your creative energy and find your purpose. And then go find some friends that share that fire.


Mute Style

 p.s. Enny, I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments so far. I’m here to cheerleader even the smallest of victories and toast to another kickass performance.


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