Studio Dream

SAM_0076.JPGThrifting is an art form. One that combines the patient strokes of sandals along aisles and the hum of florescent lights. One of clutter and chaos and perfectly faded fringe and floral. One of tugging on knits, spotting stains, and sinking into personal style.

I moved to L.A. with a suitcase of thrifted clothes, a small stash of books, a pillow, and a carefully wrapped vase. My first official home decor purchase was a bouquet of baby’s breath to help freshen up this new home. The small blooms remind me to celebrate all of my small victories. (I reached post 100! I found a lovely job! I discovered another vegan bakery! I watched the entire Season 2 of “Transparent” in one day! I made an indie short film with my flatmate Enny Owl!)

As I met some lovely bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagram babes over the weekend, I felt this overwhelming joy in creating content. My goal has never been to promote any brand or product but a lifestyle of positivity and personal expression. Surrounded by influencers with thousands of followers and the movie set filming downstairs, I feel like my creative #ootd videos fit right into this city’s energy. For some the success of others would increase jealousy and doubt, for me I feel liberated and welcome. Cheers to month one in Los Angeles. Keep creating, keep smiling. Thrifting has taught me diligence and patience; both necessary for an artistic life.


Mute Style

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