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As students move back to campus and school approaches, I have developed a new philosophy: Wear Happy

  • Wear what makes you smile. And don’t let these clothes hang and collect dust all semester.
  • Have a go-to outfit for rushed mornings. Vow not to fall victim to the sweatpants fiend.
  • Wear that rare antique find with pride. Yes, you may draw unwarranted stares. This is the perfect opportunity to learn not to care!
  • And when someone inevitably comments on your outfit, repeat after me: “Today, I’m wearing happy!”

There is something about wearing all black that makes me feel like a ninja. Ready to battle all of the day’s activities. (#slay) I love how this look merges sophistication and bohemia together for a modern free spirited vibe. And yes, I strutted around campus all day in these heels… like the true fashionably happy person I’m becoming.


Mute Style

Top || Sixes & Sevens

Pants || Vera Wang

Shoes || Target

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