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Last week I officially started my  internship with Joi of Dress Forms Design Studio and I am absolutely taken by this amazing opprotunity. I not only get to spend my days in the fabulousness that is her studio, but I also get to create graphics projects that I’m passionate about. (I have a role in developing Designer Joi’s first annual Sewing Holiday!) I don’t mind waking up early and indulging in some granola artwork before heading to work! And I definately don’t mind clicking away on my computer while surrounded by  walls of thread and bolts of the finest fabric. I can’t wait to see what fun projects lay ahead to enhance the vision of a fashion sewing queen in the Midwest.

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6 thoughts on “Intern Inspiration

  1. Jessica Nguyen says:

    Your internship sounds amazing. So jealous! It’s been a childhood dream of mine to be a fashion designer one day.


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